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Bundle of nerves, too many decisions!

Ever have a day/week/month/year where you second guess every important decision you face, because you don't KNOW what the best decision is! Ugh. We are going through choosing a school for our daughter, selling our house in a down market, and impending possible job changes. It's just so much decision making! I work all day and then go home and think think think about all these other big decisions looming about. I used to follow my heart, when it was just a decision that affected me, I was pretty good at it and didn't hem and haw, I just picked a decision and stuck by it. Now there is a husband and two children to think about, and it's so hard to know if you should go this route, or that route, or another route.

By the way, these are all GOOD things, and I am thankful for all of our situations right now. It's just a lot at once!

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Re: Bundle of nerves, too many decisions!

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