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Hi All - treatment plan?

Hi - 

I have been trying for #2 for 9 months I am 37 and got pg on the first try 3 years ago). We've had all the tests and nothing seems wrong and the RE recommends we go right to clomid and IUI as a first line. He has me taking 50mg of clomid 5-9 and I started today.

I have to admit I am absolutely terrified of twins since I already have an active 2.5 yr old boy at home. Do you think 25 mg would be a better idea? Is 50mg the usual dose? I do seem to ovulate on my own.

Thanks for any thoughts! 

Re: Hi All - treatment plan?

  • 50 mg is the standard, then if it doesn't work you increase to 100 and then to 150. I too was concerned with twins but I was told that my chances increased from 3% to 6% which is still really low. However, just have them monitor you and with the low dose you should be fine but when you go for the scans they will tell you how many mature follicles you have prior to trigger and iui... if there are too many follicles that you don't feel comfortable to continue then voice that and see what other meds you could take. However, with my experience 50 mg of chloride usually will only get 1-2 mature follicles which even more so lessens your chances considering I did TI with 6 and they said I was likely to get multiples and I got a BFN instead... Best of luck, hope this helps...
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  • I just turned 37 last week and I did 3 failed clomid cycles back in the spring. I also ovulate on my own and I only produced one mature follie on 50mg. I had 1-2 when upped to 100mg. I know everyone is different but if it were me I would stick with the 50 instead of dropping to 25mg. Good Luck!

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