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Your christmas stocking

So we talked about what goes in dh's stocking.  What do you like to find in yours?? I am not feeling very creative this year and dh is having trouble with me saying i have no idea what i wat but i want to open it and say "wow, this is exactly what i wants" lol.
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Re: Your christmas stocking

  • I'd just like a damn stocking filled for me. And not with the leftover crap from DHs and DDs, which he's been known to do. He sucks at gift giving. Pure and Simple.
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  • DH usually gives me some candy, a trashy romance novel [i love Nora Roberts and he always teases me about my "smut" books] and maybe a CD or something. We don't do anything big. I would love a surprise like jewelry but we don't spend that much on each other for Xmas so I doubt it would happen.
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  • When I was growing up our stockings were always a fun mix of practical things mixed with treats. We'd get new toothbrushes, travel toothpastes, lotion, chapstick, hand sanitizer, those funky packaged travel kleenex, nifty pens, things like that. We would also get candies, chocolates and packs of gum, and some little nifty trinkets or toys, nothing big, but always fun.

    I've taken to doing that for DH and since I'm the one that already does all the Christmas shopping, that's probably what we'll continue to do with DD. DH usually fills my stocking, and he tends to stick with the same type of stuff I put in his, which is nice!  

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  • DH used to be really bad about remembering stocking stuffers, until I told him it was kinda important to me have at least something in there.  He has done better  the last two years and he'll get a small ornament or two and maybe some candy.  I'm happy with anything as long as it's not empty!
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  • DH usually does GC's.  He used to find them cheesy but as we had kids he realized an afternoon away to shop w/o worry is better than him picking a gift.

  • I decided this year I'm filling my own. I always want to fill a stocking for DH but it usually ends up being skimpy because I don't think of enough things, so I'm just doing mostly candy in his and buying it for myself, too.  I just won't get to eat it until Christmas. He wouldn't really think to get me stocking stuff on his own and I don't want to tell him to go shopping just to get me stocking stuffers lol.
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  • DH is pretty good at filling my stocking. Last year I got a Macy's giftcard, nail polish, chapstick, razors, headband things for working out, gloves, some candy and a necklace. He has gotten a lot better in gift giving the last couple years in general.

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  • Usually my perfume, lotion, starbucks gift card, chocolates, underwear from VS, and a new pair of yoga pants are the usual. (LO is not old enough to ask questions about the underwear that DH picks out yet Wink so I think he will still do that this year.)
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