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Freezing lasagna...what did I do wrong?

I've never frozen a lasagna before, but I did a couple weeks ago.  I thawed it in the fridge overnight last night, then baked it for dinner tonight and it came out all watery and runny. What the heck?  It wasn't the recipe because I make this all the time and had made another one at the same time which we ate right away and it was fine.

It tasted normal but wasn't that pleasant to eat because of the consistency. Any advice??

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Re: Freezing lasagna...what did I do wrong?

  • I've had that problem before. I freeze the lasagna and the sauce separately. That seemed to do the trick for me. I thaw both the lasagna in a baking dish and the sauce in tuberware in the fridge overnight. Then I pour the sauce over the lasagna and bake it. If I make the exact same recipe but keep the lasagna and sauce together it comes out just like you described.

  • Yes, next time I'd try it with no-bake noodles, instead of precooked ones. That should help a lot.

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  • Whenever my mom makes lasagna, she drains the ricotta. She puts it in a strainer placed over a container and let's it sit overnight in the fridge. Water from the ricotta drains out. That might help, along with what the other ladies have said.
  • I think I am an odd one because I realized by doing our make ahead freezer meal exchange that I am not a noodle person.  I eat the crap out of them when MIL makes them, but we usually don't make them.  I have issues with making a meal so carb heavy (and usually buy whole wheat when I do buy pasta).

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