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What do you put in dh's stocking?

I find his stocking the one thing that stumps me every year.  He really doesn't need more socks this year.  All I can think of is lotto cards and drill bits.  Stocking are suppose to be so fun and magical because they are from Santa right?  Socks, toothpaste and gum don't seem very magical. :S
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Re: What do you put in dh's stocking?

  • My mom and I have a tradition of going to several different craft fairs every year, and I always end up finding a few things to get him that way... Last year was hot sauce and salsa, this year I have mango chutney and mole sauce. I've also ordered him a few t-shirts from online that I'll roll up and stick in his stocking, and his favourite chocolate bars of course. A good book is always nice too. I might put in a daddy themed shirt of DD too, if I can find one. 

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  • Candy, gourmet coffee, chocolate-covered espresso beans, a paperback, and I always get him a puzzle box with a trinket of some sort inside. I like to see how long it takes him to open it.

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  • Gift cards {Amazon for his Kindle, iTunes, Levenger}, mini bottles of liquor {always Balvenie Scotch because they have a mini set of the really good stuff}, candy and sweets, an orange, something bigger usually like an iPod shuffle since he seems to lose one every year,  Tiny Tabasco bottles/hot sauce, sometimes socks, but usually I wrap those up. I also always put a small summer sausage in there...don't ask me why, but every year and he never eats it. LOL
  • imageDC2London:
    Usually a kitchen gadget he's been wanting, some candy, maybe a small bag of gourmet coffee or olive oil (I get these at World Market).  

    Love World Market for stocking stuff...that's where my mini Tabasco and summer sausages come from. 

  • I always put snacks in there - candy, jerky, gum.  DH is really difficult to buy for because if he wants something he buys it then, he doesn't wait for Christmas so I end up getting him the same things every year - clothes and snacks. 
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  • Scratch off lottery cards, The Art of Shaving stuff, and a DVD of some sort.
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  • A bottle of his cologne, scratch off tickets, his favorite candy bar and usually a few other little things.
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  • I do: drill bits, small tools that he wants, a magazine, PJ pants, chapstick, hand warmers, chocolate, eye drops, a sudoku puzzle book, sharpies, razor blade knife with extra razors, $5 gift card to fast food, a bottle of beer, jerky, trail mix, certificate for a car wash, etc. I do a lot of boy stockings - DH, DS (though his are still all kid stuff), and FIL. Just think of small things he likes or eats.

  • Coal.


    Of course, I'm kidding!  I do reeses cups, hershey kisses, mach 3 razors and shave cream, gold toe socks, a pair of boxer (cutesy ones), his face moisturizer (nivea men) and this year: a mini flashlight he wanted.

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  • Such great ideas!  thank you.  looks like i need to get shopping.
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