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I went today for a fourth beta and the number was great 3762. But now I am cramping and spotting. Normal? I'm freaking out. Have ultrasound on fri morning
Dx PCOS Three cycle of Clomid- BFN HSG- clear 6/09-Follistim and HCG IUI on 7/7/09 BFN 7/09- Follistim and Ovidrel IUI on 8/11/09 BFP! beta #1-342 beta #2-717 Joey was born on 5/5/10 Trying for #2 since 6/12 6/12- Gonal F and Ovidel IUI on 7/10. BFN 8/12- Gonal F and Ovidrel. IUI on 8/10. BFN 9/12- Gonal F and Ovidrel IUI BFN 10/22 Gonal F, Menopur, Ganirelex 11/4 trigger 11/6 ER 14R 10F 11/11 ET transferred one 4AA embryo beta 11/20! BFP Betas stop multiplying . m/c at 5 weeks moving on to FET if my numbers ever get back to 0!

Re: Spotting

  • Sending lots of prayers your way. If it would make you feel better you may want to see if you can get in tomorrow.

    Dx: PCOS and short luteal phase
    18 cycles (3 with our RE) - Metformin + Clomid + HCG booster did the trick!
    BFP #1 6/22/09 EDD: 3/2/10 DS born: 3/8/10

    TTC #2 since Dec 2011
    BFP #2 7/8/12 EDD: 3/18/12 M/C @ 9w1d: 8/16/12

  • Some cramping and spotting can be harmless/normal in early pregnancy.  

    I would call your OBGYN about moving up the appointment to tomorrow to get you some peace of mind.  

    Your beta number sounds great- lots of good thoughts that the good news keeps coming. 

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  • Agreed with above. Sending prayers.

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  • your numbers are awesome and could be good thing things settling in. I would call to get a piece of mind. thoughts and prayers coming your way.
    mom of Aydyn
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