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DD's Birthday

So, every year around my DD's birthday, I experience a good bit of sadness. We adopted her from China and they can only estimate her age when she was found. 

I feel for her Birth Mother/Family who knew that they couldn't keep her. I know that is a normal reaction, but the second part that really bothers me is that I'll never really know her birthday. They can only estimate her age when she was found and every year I find myself with all these mixed emotions. DD is 10 but has not yet put together the part about not knowing her real birthday and as every child does, looks forward to her birthday. I don't let my emotions get in the way of her good time, but really struggle with this as I so identify with my own birthday. I know that someday she will come to the conclusion that her birthday is unknown and hope that I can portray this as just something else that makes her special, but don't feel that way myself. 

Any ideas?




Re: DD's Birthday

  • Aw, hugs.

    I have no experience, but maybe talk to some other parents in a similar situation and see how they handled it?

  • I can't relate to most of your post since my girls are DA babies.  But I do get sad, esp for DD1's family and specifically her birth mom.    Her birth family decided to keep her birth a secret in their world.  Her birthmom did not tell anyone (supposedly)... so when her birthday comes around I can't help but think about this poor young woman who must be thinking of her birth child yet has no one to even discuss it with.... 

    Birthdays bring up so many mixed emotions... at least for me. 

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