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Help! My boys will be one on December 14. They have both started spitting. Normally it?s at each other, but lately it is at me, DH and big brother. The worst part is while they are eating. And it seems one sets the other one off. Are any of your little ones doing this? Any ideas on how to stop this behavior? While eating we push them away from the table and when they seem to stop, we feed them again. Just when I think I experienced so much with my oldest, here they come with something new! Sooooo frustrating! Thank you all in advance.

Re: Spitting

  • My 2 year old spits once in awhile. I blame DH because he chews and spits in a bottle. I always say to DS "nice boys do not spit." most times he stops when I tell him but if he doesn't after being asked then he will end up in time out.

    I think your doing what I would do. Sorry not much help.

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