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DH and I are taking LO to get Christmas pictures taken on Sunday. We are going to try JC Penney's Portrait Studio. I'm not sure how good they will be but thought I would check here to see if you guys had any suggestions on making our session successful. LO will be just over 2 months old.


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Re: Photo Session

  • We just got our done a couple weeks ago at a similar studio, and we were really pleased with the results! 

    The only tip I have is to pick the outfit you want LO to wear, then pick yours and your DH's outfits based on that. Try to coordinate somewhat... or at least don't have really clashing colours. 

    It all happens pretty fast... we were in and out within 30 minutes and were doubtful she even got any good ones, but there were some winners! They have lots of props there, so I wouldn't worry about bringing any unless there was something really specific you wanted... or if there's something that's always guaranteed to make LO smile. 

    Oh, and change LO into his clothes for the portraits right before hand because otherwise he WILL figure out a way to mess them up. Seriously.


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  • We've gotten pictures done at JC Penney since DD1 was 4 months old.  We've been there several times.  I would call them from home (if you live close) or when you are on your way there to see how far behind they are because they WILL be behind.  We went on Sunday and they were 45 minutes late taking us.  I called them from the parking lot and when I was told that, I went in right on time to check us in but we sat in the car with the kids until about 30 minutes AFTER our scheduled appointment.  My kids are a lot happier sitting in the car with kids' music playing than in their stroller or walking around the store for 45 minutes. 
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  • I would advise to have some variation in her outfit, like a sweater that can come on/off or be switched out, so you have some variety to choose from. Good luck!
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  • We have gotten most of DSs pics done at JCP with no problems and good results.  We just went this past sunday for christmas pics and it was horrible!  They were so swamped and behind, we didn't get pics taken til 1hr after our sched time.  DS was then crabby and did horrible(not their fault,of course) but they did nothing to help try and distract or entertain him to look at the camera.  But, this is the only time I had an issue.  And, like I said, they couldnt help that my kid was a crab.  One thing noted, I will never go back on a weekend in christmas season!

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