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If you have a list post it!

Tidy up the house


Stop at the dairy for milk

Finish cleaning upstairs and washing bedding

Touch up basement

Brush the dog and file his nails

Walk the dog

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Re: Todo's

  • DH had a tooth pulled today, so it all depends on how he is feeling.

    I am not sure if I should go finish the girls/extended family Christmas shopping or if I will work on Infinity scarves that I started for my Moms Club friends.

  • My housekeeper comes today, so I try to spend as little time at home as possible so I'm not in her way. I'm getting ready for my party on Friday, so I need to do the following...

    Go to the grocery store

    Go to the florist

    Decide on what to do on the mantel in the kitchen and buy the stuff for it

    Decide how the seating is going to work for the party

    Finish decorating the tree 

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    There is another kid, she's 10... 
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  • Homeschool ooldest

    unload and reload dishwasher 

    do llaundry

    Give both girls a bath at some ppoint

    try to take a nap at some point


  • Finish DS laundry and get it all put away.

    Clean the kitchen and bathroom floors.

    Get out Christmas decorations

    Schedule DS 15mth appt


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  • Tidy up kitchen and living room 

    Sweep and Swiffer kitchen and entry way floor

    Dust living room and bedrooms

    Clean bathrooms

    Go to my Mom's house to practice for the piano duet we are doing at church this Sunday

    Do some organizing in the garage


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