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Gift ideas for 4 year old girl

My goddaughter is turning 4 very soon.  I need to get her a bday and Christmas present.  She loves anything princess or fairy related.

I already got her some sticker/coloring books, a purse to color, and pjs.

Anything that your daughters love that you can recommend??? TIA!

I am looking for a toy of some sort, under $20 if possible. 


Re: Gift ideas for 4 year old girl

  • There Princess dolls that are like Babies. They have most of the princesses. I would get her one of them.

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  • My DD really likes fairies. She is getting a Barbie-sized fairy doll for Christmas - Periwinkle, the newest Tinkerbell fairy. She already has other fairies of this size and they have gotten a lot of play. A new set of wings is always nice, too. They're cheap (and break easily), so an extra pair is always nice.
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  • My 4 year old DD likes everything princess, fairy and hello kitty.  I think you will be safe with anything as long as it has princess or fairy's on it.  Even clothes or socks would work at this age, if they have her favorite colors and characters. 

    So far for Christmas I've got my DD the below items:

     Pink princess outfit (sweat suit but with princesses on them and in pink)

    Hello Kitty kids umbrella

    princess toy game

    Princess hair clips

    Princess Flashlight




  • thanks ladies!


  • Ditto PPs on anything fairy/princess/dress up, but my LO also really loves animals and horses.  She loves her Barbie horse that does a walking motion.
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  • Toys R Us has cinderella walkie-talkies.  Got them for my daughter and she's going to be so excited (as is Daddy, who's going to have to carry that thing around every time he's in the yard.  HA!)
  • My daughter loves My little Pony and Minnie mouse play sets, you can buy all kinds of different types of these play sets for under $20.
  • cash register
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  • This. Hands down, the most played with toy we have. You can get it in stores at Target.;term=toy bakery

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  • I have a whole list here of Christmas stuff for my 3 1/2 yr old daughter.

    But to highlight some toys - Minnie's bowtique, Brave, little people toys, portable dvd player

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