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Does anyone else have a biter?

DD is a biter.  I tell her "No" and "Hurt Mommy" and try to give her something else to bite, but she's a one bite and done kind of biter.  (She's never been that into teething toys.  She more bites something (with usually a growl-ly flourish) and then throws it to the ground.)

Today she bit my belly (??!?!).  I was sitting on the couch, she stoop up in front of me, I though she was just going to lay her head on my tummy but no, she bit me through my shirt.  And it was enough to break the skin and cause some bleeding and leave some bruising.  OMG!  Anyone else dealing with something like this?  Any advice??

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Re: Does anyone else have a biter?

  • DS is more of a hitter, but he has bitten me a few times.  I think it was to get my attention, but DS apparently has great aim.  Every time he has bitten me has been on my nipple (and this was way after he had weaned from BFing).  The first time he did it, he did it hard enough that he broke the skin and I screamed pretty loud, both due to the pain and the surprise.  Of course that scared DS and he started crying.  The next couple times again took me by surprise and I yelped, which DS didn't like and I told him that that hurt mama and that it wasn't nice.  He hasn't really done it since, but I don't wonder if the scream of pain is what stopped him from biting.  

    Now if I can just get him to stop hitting.   

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  • DS has done it before when trying to get my attention...though he seemed to have been surprised with himself each time. I guess he didn't think he could do it. Mainly I've sat on the couch and he will cruise up to me and put his head on my leg, then turn his head and bite me. Luckily it hasn't been hard enough to cause real pain... but I know it's bad that I try to hold back laughter as I tell him "no that's not nice". Now when he does it hard enough I'm sure he'll have that look of terror as I cry out in pain
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  • DS bite me for the 1st time, a few days ago. He walked over hugged me, laid his had on my chest and bit my boob. I have a bruise. :[ I hope this isn't a new trend for him.I'm a wimp, that shhh.t hurt.

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  • YES!!!!  I have been dealing with this for months now.  I find that he usually bites when he is upset about something.  When we get out of the bath and drying off before bed is when its the worst.  I think he is cold, tired, ready to nurse and go to sleep.  He bites me on the shoulder or arm the most (and some days I am covered in bruises).  I pull him away from me, make him look at me and tell him "no, that hurts mama"  I cant say that it helps, but I have been very consistent with this.  It seems like it stopped for a while, but just last night he bit me again.  I'm hoping its a phase and he'll give it up eventually.  Good luck!!
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  • DD bit my shoulder a couple of weeks ago and broke the skin.  I think the yelp I let out must have scared her because she hasn't done it again.

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  • My LO only bites me and it's at the most random moments. At least, I haven't figured out a pattern yet. She'll only bite my shoulder. Normally, I say Ow! No biting! and set her down for about 45 seconds before playing with her again.
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  • DS has done it a few times but it is only to me. I know his is teething related though. He doesn't like teething toys but will bite on cloth like his blankets or sweaters. I just tell him "ouch, that hurts" and I walk away from him for about a minute. I then usually pick him up and say "be sweet please."
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  • Ouch!  Sorry to see so many mommies also getting bit, but glad to know I'm not alone! 

    DD does seem to prefer cloth to traditional teething items...I need to remember to keep a washcloth or something for her to gnaw on.  And I'll try walking away from her to reinforce that biting is not cool.  Hopefully this is just a phase......

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