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My DS turned 1 yesterday.  We had a lovely party on Saturday while we were back in VA for Thanksgiving (so that family could be there, and since we don't know anyone here).

I've been a bit reflective the past few days, thinking about the past year.  One thing I am proud of is our persistence to stick with nursing.  I had REALLY wanted to nurse our son, but the first month was soooo rough.  We battled mastitis, thrush (several times) and DS refusing to latch without a nipple shield (resulting in LOOOONG feedings).  I'm glad that we pushed through!  We made it to the 6 month mark exclusively nursing and then have been nursing with solid foods since then.  It's so much more enjoyable now, and I'm glad we pushed through!  


SAHM to Eli, born 11.26.11

Re: Proud

  • Way to go!

    I am pretty nervous about being able to nurse this new LO.  I wasn't very successful with my other two.  Determined to get past the first couple of weeks this time.    

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