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Cute lunch check-in

Day late and a dollar short, but here I am!

Penguins! I did a penguin-themed day for my DD this weekend (which spilled into two days because we had so many activities). On the bottom tier are leftover peas and corn (she's fine eating these cold), a pick of ham & cheese, a few snowflake peppermint pretzels and two strawberries. On the right are blueberries, generic penguin "Goldfish" and a PB/honey sandwich with a few snowflake sprinkles. The penguin cookie cutter is from Munchkin.

Penguins, day 2! Rolled deli ham, chunked string cheese and a silicone of blueberries are the top row. Next is a penguin PB/honey sandwich with a fun little hat pick and surrounded by Goldfish. A piece of sushi grass keeps the sandwich dry next to the cucumber, and finally a silicone of popcorn "snow."

Squirrels! Mini pita sandwich in the back with a line of strawberries (see the two little squirrel picks?). Next are two acorn picks (Party City) strung with blueberries, silicones of carrots and leftover chicken. In the front are some Snapea Crisps and an "acorn" - Hershey Kiss topped with a mini Nilla wafter and a sprinkle on top. This container is new; I got it at Marshall's.

And now for the ugly ones!

Leaf egg turkey? This looked a lot better in my head, lol! My DD performed a song called "Five fat turkeys are we" for her class Thanksgiving party, so this lunch commemorates that. There are strawberries, PB/honey sandwich topped with cheese and sprinkles, apples (soaked in lemon water). Next are two mini Lego containers of raisins and Goldfish, and a big Lego container with blueberries and Wheat Thins.

"Day after Thanksgiving, Mom is too tired to put much effort into it" lunch. When my DD looked at this, she said "What's the theme?" Some days there are none! This at-home lunch has Ritz crackers with sword skewers of leftover turkey (I don't let her bring the sword skewers to school - is that paranoid of me? I don't want her to get in trouble!). There's also blueberries & strawberries, an apple silicone with a leftover mini pecan cupcake (OMG, these are delish!) and a halved cheese sandwich with a silicone divider between the pieces. Here's the recipe for the cupcakes.

PIP your cute lunches here and have a great week! There are lots of cookie cutters, cute containers and silicone cups in stores right now - holiday lunches are so easy! Also, I was shopping at Old Navy this weekend and noticed they still have the Sistema containers. Those are the perfect size for lunch and I use mine all the time.

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