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Seeking advice.

I have been a stay at home mom since April, and some days I wonder if I am cut out for this.  My DD is a little over two, but doesn't "play" much with me, especially in the mornings. She wanders around a lot, almost as if she is bored.  I try to engage her, let's do a puzzle or playdoh or color.  She has no interest in any of it.  Then I feel like maybe I am just boring?  We do get out of the house three times a week, but when we are home she seems so bored.  I am beginning to think I am doing something wrong.  Just looking for some advice..

ETA:  We do storytime on Mondays, preschool on Wednesdays, and errands on Fridays.

Re: Seeking advice.

  • I don't think  you are doing anything wrong. I would put some stuff out for her like toys or something and see what gets her interest. Let her lead you and you can figure out what to play with her. That is what I do with DD. She picks the item and we play. I would say 50% of the time if I pick a game or activity she is into it. Toddlers are fickle, its the nature of the beast. Try not to take it personally. 

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  • What does she do if you do not try to engage her?

    You get out 3x a week - what do you do?  Playgroups, storytime, gym daycare?

    I'd try to get her around her peers at least once a week.

    MOPS and Moms Club are both national organizations that would help for both of your socialization if you need.

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  • You don't have to play with her, just let her independently play on her own.  Maybe allow her to pick what she wants to do and if it's just to follow you around the house and watch you do chores then that's a learning experience for her too.  Children learn through observation so her just watching you go about your day is interesting to them even if we think it's not.
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