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Target Brand vs Similac Sensitive

I am debating on going to the Up&Up Target brand of Similac Sensitive Powder Formula.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  The Similac Sensitive Powder seems so bubbly.  And it looks like the Target brand is cheaper than the Similac Powder, even with the $5 Similac checks.  Thanks.
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Re: Target Brand vs Similac Sensitive

  • I'm on baby number 2 using the Target brand formula. Love it and both of my kids have done great! I was using Enfamil but decided to switch because the Target brand has the nutrition comparison right on the side. A giant container of the formula is about 22 and all manufacturers of baby formula have to follow the some strict guidelines. We switched over slowly...we started by mixing one ounce of the Target brand with the Enfamil we had and eventually made the switch completely.

    Don't be afraid to give it a try. We've saved a ton of money!
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  • We are supplementing with Up and Up version of Similac Sensitive and my daughter has taken to it very well.  We supplemented with Up and Up version of Gentlease with my son and never had problems.  Save the money!
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  • Olivia never had a problem with gas or reflux so I can't speak on the similarity to the sensitive formula, but she really likes the Up&Up formula.  We switched to Target brand diapers, too but we hated the Target wipes, we found them to be too wet and difficult to separate from each other when we needed them.
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  • Gibson has done very well with the Up & Up Sensitive formula.  I never thought about it but, it does seem to be less bubbly than Similac.
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  • We haven't started UpUp brand yet but we plan on it. Our girls are really fussy, have a ton of gas, and reflux even on the Similac version but they won't drink anything else but thats a whole different thing.
    Our ped said the difference is that the Target brand isn't processed as fine. For us he didn't recommend the switch until 4 to 6 months. But he said they are the same.
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  • Yes!  We were apprehensive to switch and finally did at 5 months.  I only wish I had done so months earlier!  It's a huge savings and the only difference I noticed was the lack of bubbles, which is nice! 
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