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Car Seat Help...

I need a new seat and am just overwhelmed...I am looking for a seat that has the 5 point harness beyond 40 pounds, is relatively narrow (because I need to fit three carseats in my truck, sometimes) and is easy to adjust...

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Sunshine Radian
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  • I have a britax frontier.  I can fit my infant seat next to it but it prob wouldn't work for a RFing seat.
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  • imagefredalina:
    Do you want RF or just FF? What kind of car will you need 3 across in and what are the other seats?
    Ditto this, what make and model of truck. How tall and heavy is your dd, what percentile range is she in? I only see two tickers, who's the third car seat for? Maybe we can figure a better puzzle fit. 

    Pp, it's Diono Radian now. And if she's already ff, it's probably not practice or the longest lasting option. 

  • The carseat I need to buy is for my 3 year old, who weighs 37 pounds.  She is 40 inches tall and front facing. She's been in the  95th-ish percentile since she was a newborn.

    My truck is a Dodge Dakota with a full sized back seat.  We haven't had any issues with seats hitting the front seat (although DD doesn't have much leg room.)  My main concern about the three carseats is getting them all  in with the doors shut.

    I frequently bring DD's 3 year old friend places, so the third carseat is his.  It is a forward facing seat.

    My baby isn't seeming very comfortable in her bucket seat, so I want to switch her to a convertible.  Since my 3 year old is getting really close to the maximum weight for her seat, I was planning to buy a new seat for her and put the baby in the convertible that we already have.

  • The narrowest seat you'll find is the Radian. The newer models rear face, forward face, and convert to a booster at 50 lbs. DD1 was 41.5" and 36.5 lbs at 3, and this seat lasted her past 5 years. We have the convertible only model, but she just hit 50 lbs at 6 years anyway and has been in a dedicated high back booster starting at 5. Her 2 yo sister is currently rfing in the Radian.

    Here's a list of 5pt harness to booster seats along with their measurements. Maybe one of them will be narrow enough.

    Annalise Marie 05.29.06
    Charlotte Ella 07.16.10
    Emmeline Grace 03.27.13
  • The carseat that I have that my 3 year old seems to be outgrowing is an Evenflo.  I don't remember which one and need to look it up.  I read something on the side of the seat that if was for RF until 35#, FF until 40# and then a booster seat until 65#.  However, the manual fell off the seat at my in-laws house, and I haven't gotten it back yet.  Tomorrow, I am going to have DH keep the kiddos away from me for a couple hours while I figure out which seat it is and download a new manual and find out all the details for sure.  Then, I am going to try to narrow down which seat will work best and (hopefully) buy it...

    I kind of remember considering the Radian when I was buying our last carseat...I will look into it again.

    Thanks for all your help...


  • So...I just printed the manual for the seat.  It is a Symphony and it sais that for FF the weight requirements are 20-40 lbs.  It adds a giant warning that if kiddo is more than 40 lbs, I MUST use the seat as a booster.  So, that means my decision is easy and I am getting a new seat for my older daughter and the baby gets this seat.


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