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Anyone else use CHADIS?

So we have LO's appointment on Wed and I just finished doing his CHADIS questionare. I know it's a great tool for doctors to gauge progress and places that need improvement.... but I always feel so insecure by the time I am done. He hasn't failed one yet, but I have an irrational fear that he will. I know that generally the tests overlap for stages so some of the things will be above his age level.

"If you put something in a plastic bottle does your child try to poke at it?" "Nope... but he shakes it"

"Does your baby point to what he wants" "No, but he reaches out for things"

"If you take a crayon and scribble, does baby do the same?" "Nope, but he tries to eat it"

Anyone else use this system and feel way behind, even if you aren't?

Re: Anyone else use CHADIS?

  • Yes, I feel exactly the same way. And the funny thing is LO always seems to start doing the things after I finish the questionnaire! Like the scribbling with a crayon thing I tried and tried to get her to do it and nothing. So I answered not yet. Then the next week we were out to dinner and I was trying to distract her and started coloring with the kids menu and crayons they gave us. She picked up a crayon and scribbled! 

    i think a lot of it has to do with timing. Also the plastic bottle thing she wouldn't do either until I put puffs in there, then she tried hard! So no, you're not alone I feel that way too. But I try to remind myself that it is just a way for the dr to keep an eye on her development and that a not yet answer doesn't necessarily mean failing, 

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  • We used it for both kids and we put "not yet" for things like the scribbling questions since DD tries to eat the crayons too. A lot of the questions, I think to myself...were we supposed to be doing that? Haha. Our doctor knows how crazy some of the questions are and so she figures there will always be some that are "not yet" and they are for a wide age range. I think that they look for a lot of "not yet"s or a bunch in the same type category to see if there is a pattern. I think they also take into account the last few questions where it asks if you think there is a problem. I haven't seen anything from any kid to alert me of a problem with their developments and we usually have 1-5 "not yet"s every time. I also agree with the other poster that right after the questionnaire and appointments, the baby will start doing something. 
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