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STM. Bradley's story.

Ds1's delivery was fast and uneventful. I had a pph and a d and c afterward, but overall the experience was good. I had been induced at 36 weeks for iugr, had an epidural. Stuff like that. I had been on bedrest for ten weeks for the iugr and a placental abruption.

Ds2's road was rockier. I was on bedrest for 15 weeks. At 12 weeks, I had a threatened miscarriage. At 18 weeks I had a bleeding previa. I had bleeds at 18, 24, and 26 And 32 weeks. I was hospitalized at 24 and 26 weeks. At 26 weeks, I was transported to a hospital with a level 3 NICU and was there for 35 days. While there, I was diagnosed with mild pre e. my previa resolved and I was allowed to go home. I was there for 3 days before I bled again. They suspected an abruption, so I was admitted for obs. Early the morning if my second day there, I hemorrhaged. Scary two IV rushing around hemorrhage.

I was put on the monitor. Ds2 was doing awesome. The bleeding slowed, but was still significant. I was contracting painfully. They checked me and I was 4cm. I'd had 2 courses if steroids. Due to the risks from the bleeding, I was allowed to labor. I got my epidural and quickly dilated to 6. Six hours later or so, they broke my water. Nothing for another 6 hours, so pit was started.

I had always been aware of my contractions, but they started to hurt. I kept this from dh. But after about a half hour, I was in excruciating pain and feeling intense pressure. The on call doctor was not going to make it, so the hospitalist delivered me. I was not prepared for that pain, having planned an epidural from the moment I was told I could have a vaginal delivery. So I had no real way to cope. I started sobbing when he crowned. All in all, I pushed for a whopping 5 minutes.

My first words were, he's so big! He was much bigger than I had anticipated at 32 weeks. Almost as big as ds1, born at 36 weeks. Dh's first words were, he's a carbon copy of Alec! Bradley started screaming and my tears of pain turned to tears of relief.

The NICU team assessed him. Dh went to check him out and take pictures. I was still bleeding. And bleeding. No tears, but a stubborn placenta. I had to have cytotec up the butt. Helped a lot. Doc also did a ton of uterine massage for atony. Bruised the skin on my belly.

I got to hold ds2 and kiss him, but then he was wisked away. Dh went with him. He was 4lb5oz and very strong.

We brought him home from the NICU on Friday after a 21 day stay there. He was a little rock star in there and surprised all the docs and nurses with how well he did. No oxygen. Started feeds through an NG tube right away. Weaned off the tube quickly. Took to the breast like a champ. Our only setbacks were mild jaundice and a chemical burn on his hand from the TPN when the IV infiltrated. That's almost healed.

We feel so blessed everything went so well and were able to bring our beautiful son home so quickly. He is thriving here, and although he is small, he continues to impress us with everything he does.

And man do his farts stink!
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