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3rd Trimester


I am tired, tired, TIRED!

And just am ready to take my leave. I'm due Dec 25th, but I don't think I can do it. What about you guys? Who's still working and who's already thrown in the towel and took their leave.

 Besides my job is getting on my last nerve anyway!

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Re: So who's STILL WORKING??

  • Me...but I have always planned on working until my delivery date.  So my last day will be noon on November 30, scheduled c-section on 12/03.

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  • Just take it one day at a time and you will make it!  Better to save those days for after the baby comes!

    I'm a SAHM this time, but last time I worked until the day before my EDD. 

  • I was going to try and work till the end but my OB and Midwife said I was crazy :), they convinced me to take 2 weeks leave. 

    My last day is 11/30 and I'm SO ready to be done!! 

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  • I am and I will keep working until Christmas Break which is 12/21.
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  • Get used to be tired.

    I'm still working, despite constantly being tired.  I'd rather save as much of my time as possible to spend with baby than use it.

  • I'm still working. I only work part time but its 3rd shift so its rough. I work for family and have a low key job so I consider myself very lucky. I'll work unitl I go into labor more than likely but I know if I had to I could stop working now.
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  • Well, I'm not nearly as far along as you guys, but given what my job demands I'm exhausted and hurting by the end of the day. Twelve hours of being on my feet, moving quickly, dealing with patients that feel their complaint trumps every other complaint/medial issue in the department. Plus, this is by far the hardest pregnancy I've been through. I'm either working or sleeping it seems. The house looks atrocious, and the sleep isn't even that great since I'm uncomfortable or I have heartburn in every position no matter what I eat.

    I'm not sure how long I can hold out until I need to go on modified duty. The last 2 pregnant nurses at my job went on modified at 29 and 32 weeks. Once girl held out but now is like 2 years post partum and still dealign with pubis symphasis problems she obtained while pregnant...the poor thing  is in constant pain and recently had to undergo a cortisone injection into that joint to try and ease the pain. I don't want to end up like her.Especially since at the end of my last 12 I was having uncomfortable pain right where she had been having it.

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  • I am! Though I'm SO ready to be done. The silver lining is that they'll induce me if I don't go into labor by 42 weeks (the 26th) so at MOST I will finish out today, and then work Monday - Wed of next week. I'm glad I didn't take off when my EDD was, b/c I would be bored out of my mind at home. :)
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  • Still going strong at 37wks 2 days.  Nov 30th should be my last day as I'm due Dec 6th... hope I make it until then before ripping someone's head off :D  *chants, I love my job I love my job*
  • Same here, so exhausted already and due date isn't until 1/13! Hoping to work up until week before due date.
  • I'm still working and will continue until the baby arrives.
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  • With dd1 I went into labor at work at 37.1 weeks. I continued working (at an ob office) for the next 3 hours and finished my day. After 50 hours of ctx, my cervix was VERY slow to dilate, she was born.

    This time I am a sahm plus watch two additional children in my home. I will watch them until I deliver, and then if I don't deliver over Christmas break, they will back in the house as soon as we are home from the hospital. :(  my hubby and mom will take turns staying during the day until I am back on my feet.
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  • image tortuga47:
    I'm still working and will continue until the baby arrives.
  • image tortuga47:
    I'm still working and will continue until the baby arrives.
  • image workerbee82:
    image tortuga47:
    I'm still working and will continue until the baby arrives.

     I am too and this is my plan. I am having twins so my doctor may change my plan for me, but unless i hear otherwise...need to save time for my 12 wk leave.

  • I have a 12/25 due date as well and am working until the 20th (of Dec), with a scheduled repeat c-section on the 21st. I'm fortunate enough to have the flexibility to work remote when need be, but, so far, I've only done it for doc appt. days and days where my oldest son's school is closed.

    That said, I do have some tired days (like today where I had an emergency children's hospital visit for my youngest, who split his head open and needed 10 stitches). I just go with the flow and adjust with things like choosing not to cook tonight and forget cleaning the house! Choose your battles and hang in there!

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  • Working. RCS scheduled for 12/28. Barring me going on bed rest or going into labor before that, I will work until the 27th.
  • image ungraceful13:
    I am and I will keep working until Christmas Break which is 12/21.

     Same for me, then I'm due 12/24.  Unless I go into labor before that.

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  • I am. 

    My goal was to work until Thanksgiving and to take it day by day after that. The hardest part is working two days in a row. I'm a nurse and work 12 hours shifts, so the back-to-back all day physical work is getting more difficult. I could have gone out a long time ago because of my STD, but I'm trying to save as much vacation time as I can, so really, I'm only working now because I still feel pretty good and I want to earn more hours so I can get paid my full time out after baby comes. 

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  • Due Dec 23 and Im working up till Dec15 :) maybe longer ... depends on if Ive popped or not lol
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  • My schedule c section is for Feb. 1 and I hope to keep working till Jan. 29
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  • Working until I bust! Lol I will probably go into labor at work knowing me;)
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  • I plan on working until the baby arrives, trying to maxmize my time at home with her.  I, thankfully, have a job where I am at a desk 90% of the day so it hasn't been too terrible.
  • I am and am supposed to be getting ready to go in now.  But dealing with a bunch of stupid drunks just isn't sounding all that fun tonight so I'm procrastinating.  *Sigh*  Sitting around dreading it won't help much though.  

    I have plans to work until the week I am due.  The way my schedule worked out I will have 2 days off before my "due date" and if I go past I will just pick up shifts as I go.  The nice part about that is that likely they won't be 12 hour shifts-just 6's or 4's which is MUCH easier!   


  • I plan to work until its baby time!!

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  • I am 32 weeks, am a nurse who works 12 hour shifts in the hospital and will be working right up until my due date (unless of course complications occur where I can't). Most of the women I work with do this.

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  • image ungraceful13:
    I am and I will keep working until Christmas Break which is 12/21.

    This. I am a teacher.


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  • I have a scheduled csection on dec 6 th... I'll work till the 5 th
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  • I am- I will continue working until I have the babe. I want to save all of my time and leave for after the baby is here. That being said, it is getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning and I am exhausted by the end of the day.

  • lurking....sorry

    I worked right up til the very end.. literally.

    My due date was 10/7... water broke while I was working on 10/3 at around 1pm. he was born 10/4 at 6:12am

  • I'll be working until the last business day before my due date! Kind of wish I was taking off a week early but that's what is planned as of now.
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  • I am!  Just finished out week 38!  I'm very thankful that next week is Thanksgiving (pun intended) and I only have to work 3 days that week.  If baby is still cooking, I'll work the next week as well.  EDC is 11/27 and I have patients scheduled through 11/30.  I just didn't want to be at home waiting for the baby to come for weeks, and I negotiated a 16 week (albeit unpaid) maternity leave that I intend to use cuddling my LO and not waiting for him!
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  • Me, I'm due January 26th and will work as close to that point in time as the doctor lets me.  I am tired, but I need to save my leave for the actual baby.
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  • If I knew exactly when she was arriving, then I'd probably take a day or two off in advance of that... as it is, though, I want to have all my leave time with her, so working until the end is how it goes. Of course, if there's a medical reason for me to quit early, then I'll have to do that.

    I am tired, though. I wish I had enough vacation days to take a day here or there before she comes.
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  • I'm 37w2d & still working as a vet tech. Add to that my husband has been in bed sick for the past 9 days & today I picked up my SD for the weekend & was informed that she stayed home from school with a fever today.

    So, yeah. Not much sympathy from this corner right now. Sorry. 

  • I have a c section scheduled Dec. 28 and am stopping a week before.
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  • Due on Wednesday, I plan on going in at least on Monday.
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  • I am so done with work but going to hang in there until dec. 21.

    You should try and hang in there as long as you can. It will be more time with your little one. 


  • 18 days to go and still at it!
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  • I'm working up until I have him.  There are days when I feel awful and just want to stay in bed, but I drag myself to work.  I want to save all of my time for when he's here.

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