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Delivered with Wilkerson OB at Rex Raleigh?

Hi ladies,

If you delivered your lil one at Rex Raleigh with a doc from Wilkerson OB, I'd love to hear about your experience.

I'm also curious to know if you had a vaginal birth or c-section at Rex because the only stories I've found online so far have been about c-section experiences.

I'm hoping to have a natural birth, if possible. I'll try, anyhow. :-)


Re: Delivered with Wilkerson OB at Rex Raleigh?

  • Hi! I haven't delivered from a doc from Wilkerson, but I currently go there now and will be delivering with one of their docs in January! I love all the doctors and I've heard good things about them when it comes to delivery. 


    My sister delivered naturally at Rex and had a great experience. She had an easy delivery and the nurses were very attentive to her and the baby.


    Good luck!  

  • I go to Wilkerson and had Dr. Roche in the delivery room.  I schedule my regular visits with Dr. Homeister but I really like each and every one of the doctors there.

    I did end up having to have a c-section but I don't think that had anything to do with Dr. Roche.  I know plenty of people that have had vaginal births with Wilkerson.     

    I will disclose that I work for Rex (I don't work in patient care or for the Birth Center), but it was my experience that your labor and delivery nurse will fight 100% for you to have the type of delivery you want.  Your nurse will be your champion.   Rex really takes a strong stance on wanting to do everything possible to avoid unecessary c-sections and I believe that Wilkerson feels the same way.

    I never intended to have a c-section but I believe that I got the best medical attention possible and I believe that Dr. Roche and the nurses who worked with me did everything possible to help me have a natural delivery before getting to that point and it ultimately was my decision.  No one forced me to do it.  

    I have so many friends that go to other OB/Gyn practices that really like one or two doctors but I can honestly say that I would have been comfortable no matter who walked through the door.  I don't think you will be disappointed with anyone at Wilkerson.  Good luck and Congratulations!!!   

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  • Thanks, jmp. Appreciate the info!
  • Thanks, Allison. This is good to know!
  • I delivered at Rex and the doctor that delivered my daughter was Dr. Homeister. Dr. Roche was also there prior to my daughter's delivery. Both doctors were incredibly nice and I think I would have felt comfortable with any of them, although Dr. Mong is not my favorite.

    My nurses were wonderful and knew I also wanted as natural of a birth as possible. They will advocate for you as long as you let them know your plans in the beginning. 

    Good luck! Overall, I had a great birth experience at Rex. 

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  • I have been with Wilkerson OB/Gyn since I was 15, and have been completely satisfied with all the care I've received. My first son, I was induced due to high blood pressure, but never dilated past 3.5cm, so I opted to have a c-section. With my second son, I was in a car accident the day before he was born, and had to have an emergency c-section. Dr. Homeister performed my first, and Dr. Roche my second. Dr. Roche is my regular Gyn, but I love all the docs there. Hope all goes well!!

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