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Does anyone have any experience with group practice OBGYNs that they want to share? Also, looking for reviews for St. Peters Medical Arts Group Practice in Slingerlands. Thanks!

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  • I do not have experience with St. Peters, but I was sent to the Albany Med ObGYN group next to the hospital and i like dealing with the dr there, Dr. Chandra Jones. She was nice and informative. If I knew I was going to end up delivering there instead of my home hospital, i would have stayed at that practice. I only went 1x so this may be a moot point, but I am the type of person who can tell if they like a dr/drs office with the 1st visit.

    I probably would have used Bellevue in Schenectady as well, if i had known how my PG and delivery were going to end up going.

  • I have had nothing but wonderful experiences with St. Peters all the way around. I have delivered 5 children in that hospital. I, however, use Dr. Clements/Clark (in Latham) as my main OB/GYN , but see Dr. Margono, a periantologist, from St. Peters Medical Arts..he is wonderful. I know a few people that have used the group OB/GYN practice there also, and seem happy.

    I delivered a child at Bellevue, but had to use a different Dr. I liked St. Peters much more over all. The only differance was that I was given a much stronger narcotic for after birth pain at Bellevue, which honestly was entirely too strong, and I asked for it to be discontinued, The pain medication I recieved at St. Peter's was more then adequate without going over board. St Peters has also been recently re modeled, and is very nice. I had a baby in Jan 2012, and we had a totally private room, as they are now more standard in St. Peters.

    I have no experience with prenatal care or delivery in Albany Med.

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