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worried-needs advice!!


I am a mom of a beautiful babygirl,which is a year and 6 months now.

I am currently not taking any birth control,a few days ago i started getting these crazy feelings. I have a low grade fever (whitch i dont have a cold) my brest are very sore .. mt stomack is bloated and i've had some very sharp pains in my lower and sides of my belly. I havent been eating like i should,i basically turn my nose up to any food and only crave SOME junk food. I was like this with my first baby EXCEPT i didnt have a low grade fever. any advie would be helpful!!

Re: worried-needs advice!!

  • Are those signs of being pregnant? there way different then when i had my frist child
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  • take a test or see a Dr., what else can we tell you? those can be signs of anything..
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