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Experience at Lowell General/Winchester Hospital

If anyone could give me insight on their experience giving birth at either Lowell General or Winchester Hospital I would appreciate it so much. Due to location those are the two most convenient options for me but I have not read much about experiences or ratings.

Thank you to anyone who is able to give me feedback :) 

Re: Experience at Lowell General/Winchester Hospital

  • ust had my DD at LGH. The nurses were great. Room was nice and clean. Food wasn't awful, not the best but hey that's hospital food. Everything went well. Highly recommended.
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  • I haven't delivered yet but am planing on delivering at Lowell General late November/early December. They just built a whole new building the houses the labor and delivery department and mother/infant floor that is opening November 1. I had a tour of it the other day and it is BEAUTIFUL. The delivery rooms are huge with everything you could need and all the mother/infant rooms that you stay in are singles.
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  • I delivered at Winchester and had a pretty good experience. Unfortunately, the night I had my daughter the hospital was packed. The rooms are nice enough, nurses are great, they had lots of lactation consultants.
  • I delivered in Winchester in June.  My experience was great.  The nurses are great.  I always hear great things about Winchester so that's why I went there even though I'm closer to LGH.  It can also depend on what you are looking for- if LGH has a new labor & delivery they may have more options if you are looking to go natural.
  • My sister gave birth at LGH and liked it overall. If I lived closer I might have gone to LGH, but it and Newton Wellsley are about equidistant from me (I'm in the middle of nowhere!) so I'm going to the latter. She liked it with her 2nd more than her 1st.

    With her first that she arrived "too late" for an epidural, so she ended up going natural which was NOT her plan. My childbirth educator told me recently that it's never medically too late for an epidural, so I'm not sure what went on there. Also, they gave her an episiotomy with her first, which I'm pretty sure was unnecessary - both she and her baby were pretty average in size.

    With her second she had a midwife who made sure she didn't get an episiotomy - and she didn't tear - and she was able to get her epidural. 

    If you do LGH, I highly recommend going with a midwife if possible.


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