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Free can of neocate coupons (2)

Hi everyone :)

My son has been on Neocate for the past 3 months, and we are finally going to start trying to challenge his system by slowly switching to Alimentum, then back down the line as far as protein size goes.

His GI doctor has been great in helping out with free cans-- and also by giving me cans with a coupon on top for another free can. I have exhausted all options of addresses to get free cans sent to me, and since we will soon (fingers crossed!) no longer be needing the Neocate I have two coupons left. 

They specify on the bottom one sample per if you have sent off for one before I'm not sure it would work again.

The first two people who send me a message will get them! I can either just fill them out and mail them straight to Nutricia, or just mail it to you to fill out yourself. Let me know, and good luck to all who have to use Neocate Stick out tongue it truly is a gigantic pain....but SO worth it!

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Re: Free can of neocate coupons (2)

  • Just messaged you!
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  • I have six cans of Neocate I could send someone too...
  • Any coupons left?!
  • Do you still have your neocate? Thanks a bunch!
  • Do you still have neocate coupons?
  • Hello

    My nephew and his wife just had a baby 9/25/2012 the baby has had a very rough start due to digestive issues he actually lost from 7 lbs. 14 ozs. down to 6 lbs. 13 ozs., before the doctor discovered he has milk/protein allergies, and the doctor has put the baby on Neocate Infant Formula. Well as we know it is very expensive and according to WIC they make $63 dollars to much per month to qualify and she is not even working at this time. I am trying to get as many free coupons for the formula as possible to help them out. If anyone has any free cans of Neocate Infant Formula or coupons please email me and I will reimburse anyone for the postage. Thank you so much.


  • Hello By any chance do you still have the six cans of Neocate. I know a needy mom whose newborn son has been put on Neocate Infant Formula. Please let me know. Thanks, Sondra
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