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OB/GYN and hospital recommendations in Greenville?


We will be moving to Greenville from California and I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with baby #2 :)  Can anyone give me a recommendation for an OB/GYN and a hospital to deliver at?  I would prefer a doctor who is in a solo practice or maybe has one other doctor in the practice, but would love to hear any recommendations.  I also had a C-section with my first baby and would like a doctor who will at least consider a VBAC.  Thanks!

Re: OB/GYN and hospital recommendations in Greenville?

  • The only two (that I know of) is Greenville Hospital and St. Francis.  I am 32 weeks pregnant and will be delivering at Greenville Hospital.  I go to Greenville Ob/Gyn Associates and have been happy with them.  I know a lot of people who love Piedmont OB/GYN.  Both practices are fairly big with several doctors.  I am not aware of smaller practices in the area.  I am sure either practice is open to VBAC.  
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  • I am an employee at Greenville Memorial. I highly recommend our hospital. I also highly recommend Piedmont Ob/Gyn. It is a large practice but they are the "most trusted" group and preferred by our employees.

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  • The GHS midwives, no question.  They are a small group and extremely pro-vbac.
  • I use Greer OB/GYN. Dr. Delahunty his awesome. He delivered my son and he stayed 4 hours over his schedule so he could do my emergency c-section, instead of handing me off to another doctor in the practice. All of them are great, though.

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  • I just delivered my first in August at Greenville Memorial, part of Greenville Hospital System, and couldn't have been more pleased. They were knowledgeable, professional, and catered to what I needed every step of the way. I went to and continue as my GYN at Piedmont OBGYN also a part of Greenville Hospital System. I had the preconceived notion that I wanted an individual or smaller practice also, but my experience at Piedmont (with the 7 or 8 doctors) that I rotated through was great. I had my favorites but was unconcerned with who would actually deliver because the whole practice was exceptional.

    My daughter goes to Caroina Pediatrics now. Hope this helps. We had just moved from Miami and had all the same questions and issues.

  • Hi! Not sure if you are still checking this link but in terms of hospitals, St. Francis is supposed to be fantastic...but it does not have a NICU. Also, it seems like most physicians practice at one hospital or the other. Hope you are enjoying Greenville!
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