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6 mo PP and look 6 mo pregnant...HELP!!!

Ok, so I am COMPLETELY frustrated! I have been diligent about regular exercise and healthy eating but can't seem to brake my current weight no mater what I do! I lost the initial weight at the beginning but have stayed with the extra 40+ pounds! My son is 6 months but I still look 6 months pregnant! With my first child who is 6 yrs old I lost weight gradually... But not this time! Pregnancies and weight gain were similar. Here's some facts:
I am breast feeding (breast feed first son for 4 mo)
I've done low fat
I'm gluten free
I'm sugar free
I do cardio 30 min 5x/week
I do weights 3x/week
My calorie intake is averaging about 1200 cal/day
I am constantly bloated
I drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
I do not drink soda
No matter what I do my weight stays between 150 and 153
My per pregnancy weight was 118
I have hypothyroidism which was diagnosed during pregnancy. 
I take medication for this and get my blood drawn regularly 
I have never been fat! I hate it!!! I don't know what to do anymore! I've tried everything and am so frustrated and hopeless! I just want my body back now! Anyone going through this? Does anyone have a solution? PLEASE HELP!!! I'm so depressed!!!

Re: 6 mo PP and look 6 mo pregnant...HELP!!!

  • weight watchers is the best program I've ever come across for weight loss. the truth is that if you dont eat enough you wont lose weight, but if you eat too much you wont either, weight watchers ust gives you the tools to walk that balance.
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