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Just wondering if anyone has gone to this group. We're TTC #2 and I'm hoping for a VBAC. I had an initial appointment for my annual and thought they were great and they are willing to take me as a VBAC but wanted to hear if other mom's had gone to this practice. They deliver out of Hinsdale Hospital - I delivered DD at Prentice so I'm not sure how Hinsdale ranks, any insights here would be appreciated.
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  • OMG has a very good VBAC success rate and really nice labor tubs. The NICU at the hospital is brand new and really good as well. There is a MD in the practice so you have to be comfortable with the possibility of a male OB attending. If that isn't something you are okay with, there is a good midwifery practice that is moving to Elmhurst in Dec from Oak Park. 
    Samantha Trebilcock BSN RN, CD(DONA), PES, CBE
  • I'm using the midwives at West Suburban Women's Health in Willowbrook who also deliver at Hinsdale.  From most of the people I've talked to Hinsdale is much preferred to the other nearby hospitals (Elmhurst and LaGrange), especially for their NICU in case you need it.

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  • Thanks for the responses. I'm fine with a male OB - my OB at Prentice was male and I loved him. I hope I don't need to see him though! Also good to know Hinsdale has a good NICU, DD was in the NICU for 15 days so that was also a concern. Thanks again for the input!
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  • I just started going to this office after a recommendation from a friend. I am almost 10 weeks. I have to say that I love it already. The staff is extremely friendly. The midwives are very knowledgable and they take a lot of time to talk to you. So far I have no complaints.
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