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Have any you ladies delivery here??? If so how was the experience?? Cost?? The pregnancy and laborer classes is itworth the time?

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  • i delivered both my boys there, and my brother and i were born there as well.

    it was a great experience (2nd better than first since i knew what to expect).  i did not do any classes b/c I ended up in hospital for PTL the weekend of our class.  

  • Both of my girls were born there, as was I.  Loved it.  My hubby and I took the childbirth class through Northside (the condensed, all day course) and really learned a lot.  Learned a lot of techniques that I actually used during labor with #1.  I would highly recommend it.
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  • Had both boys there. My first experience was great. The second was just ok.The postpartum care stunk the second time around. I didn't take any of the Northside labor classes but did take one through my Ob which I found helpful.
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  • I delivered DD there 4 years ago and plan to deliver this baby there too. The experience was good overall. I would have liked to be closer to home (Marietta near Woodstock), but my insurance at the time only delivered at Northside. I took an infant CPR class through Northside and thought it was good. The one thing I recall that I didn't like and I think they are trying it again is that they try to get you to pay upfront for the portion of your delivery they estimate you will owe. It was annoying and they handled it almost like collections even though the baby wasn't even born yet. I also remember them hounding me after delivery after things were paid, so I guess my main complaints were that the food wasn't good, it wasn't located near my home and their billing process. I received great care and also felt secure knowing no matter what happened during or after delivery, they could handle it there.
  • I thought it was great.  I really couldn't have asked for more.  I didn't want to leave!
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  • I delivered there and had a great experience. The food was meh but my overall care was fantastic!! I choose to go med-free too and they were very receptive to my wishes. No real complaints. I was billed my co-pay through the mail about a month after. GL! :)

    ETA: I didn't take classes. I did do the hospital tour though.

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  • I delivered my first two children there (I was also born there 32 years ago!). It was fine, the things I didn't like about it are just inherent to delivering in a large hospital...I felt like a number the second time around, they did mention that September is crazy-busy, and my post-partum nurses kinda sucked. Had to pay to park, and it was far from home, but again, that's situational to us. I delivered my third up at Northside Forsyth and LOVED it. Quiet, free/easy parking, close to our home, and very attentive staff. However, I didn't have my mid-wife, and the doctor that happened to be on-call when I needed to be induced was not my favorite, but the trade-offs were more than worth it to me. 

    We did take the classes, and they were good.  Again, the convenience of Northside Forsyth just cannot be beat for us (they did not open until after our second was born, which is why we only had our last there, plus we did not live up there for our first anyway).  Cost is completely dependent on your own insurance coverage. 

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    I thought it was great.  I really couldn't have asked for more.  I didn't want to leave!


    This!  I fantasized about the hospital for months!  The service! The nursery!  The hospitality!  :)  

  • I delivered both of my boys there and had a good experience both times. I liked my post partum nurses better the first time, but no complaints with my second. Just not as warm and fuzzy. I never had a problem with the food. It's not the best thing I've ever had, but was fine. I also found out this time that you can order off the menu, so there really are lots of choices.
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    I thought it was great.  I really couldn't have asked for more.  I didn't want to leave!


    This!!  only problem i had was a nurse i had on night shift kinda sucked...  but my dayshift nurse was amazing i didn't want to leave her!

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  • I am a Postpartum Doula and a Baby Night Nurse, I have worked with a lot of families that have given birth at Northside hospital.  They have only good things to say about their experiences there.  I had to help three families while they were still in the hospital and everyone was professional and courteous to me. I hope you will have a great birthing experience where ever you choose to go.

  • I had by first 2 girls at NS Atlanta, the second time was better than the first. More attention from nursing and I lucked out and got the LCs to come sooner than later.    It was 2009 then 2011.  I had c-sections both times so knew what to expect the second go around, which i think kinda helps too.    

    I am now pregnant with #3 and am delivering at Emory Johns Creek, another c-section.  I did not want to have to go back to NS Atlanta- its further from home and very LARGE when it comes to maternity.  I want to be closer to home and also have more personalized care.   

    I never took any of the Northside labor classes but I did take a free class at Piedmont on Breastfeeding in 2009. It was an awesome class.  



  • I am planning on delivering at Northside in a few weeks (I am 32 weeks now) so I can't speak to the delivery or postpartum care there.  I did take the breastfeeding class with Linda Horowitz and she was awesome!  All of their breastfeeding classes are taught by the lactation consultants at Northside so they really know what they are talking about.  We also just did the hospital tour last weekend and I found it to be very informative.  It made me feel more comfortable knowing where to go when I got there and to see the rooms.  Northside in general is really nice and clean and doesn't have that hospital smell.  I felt like I was in a hotel not a hospital!  
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