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Nanny Share Experiences

We are debating starting a nanny share with another 1-2 families.

Does anyone have experience with a nanny share? What did you like/not like? Would you advise someone to do it or not?

I have a 2 y/o girl who has been in a on-site daycare since she was 12 weeks old. She has been very happy in daycare but the thought of a smaller group, more attention and less money is compelling. 



Re: Nanny Share Experiences

  • We sort of did one. My next door neighbor had a nanny for her 2 kids when we moved into this house last summer. This spring we started sending E next door one day a week to "share" for the day.  It worked really well.  E went over at around 9 in the morning and I picked her up around 5 in the afternoon.  She ate lunch & snacks there and napped there.  I paid my neighbor $25/month for the food since she just ate theirs.  The nanny was cheaper the more kids she had (i.e. she charges $13/hr for one kid, $15/hr for 2 kids, and $18/hr for 3) so we just split it and I was paying $6/hr for the time E was there. 

    E seemed happy and I know she enjoyed playing with the other two kids.  We only stopped because she got into a local pre-school for 3 days a week this fall. I liked that it was next door, I don't think I would have wanted the kids (and MESS!) at my house. 


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  • We did a share when my older son was 3 months until he was almost 2, when both families had another baby and we both got our own nanny.  Not sure how much you are paying in daycare but we each paid the nanny $400/week, plus gas.  We rotated houses every 2 weeks and bought a double stroller and another high chair that we rotated between houses.  It had it's good and bad points.  It was easy when the kids were little, but as they got older and we dealt with different personality and parenting styles, it became trickier.  If you do it, be sure you have lots of open communication and monthly meetings to set clear expectations.  Things you may be ok with may not be allowed by the other family and vice versa. 
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  • Hi,  

    I own a nanny agency called Your Happy Nest and  have a lot of experience with nanny shares because before I opened my nanny agency, I was a professional nanny and worked in a nanny share at one point.  

     Here is a great article written by one of my colleagues on nanny shares that has a lot of great points on things to think about.

    If you decide to do a nanny share and need help finding a nanny I would love to help you out!  My web site is and you can call me at 404-545-3200 or email me at [email protected] with any questions.

    Good luck!


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