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N wont wear hat or mittens? Is duct tape a solution?

I kid but seriously she rips everything off.  She will tolerate hoods so I've been putting a light hoody under her coat.  I'd love to keep going to the park until it gets super cold but her little hands get so chilly and she won't keep mittens on -- too hard to explore and asserting her independence.

 Any tips?

Re: N wont wear hat or mittens? Is duct tape a solution?

  • I wish duct tape was a solution :P I find it's harder for them to get the mittens off if they are tucked into the sleeves of their coats, though they can still get them off if they work hard enough. I look for hats that velcro or tie under their chin, again a little hard to get off. Oddly enough DD2 LOVES wearing hats and mittens and wants to wear them around the house all day. DD1 fights them like they are burning her *sigh*
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  • No advice, but after our halloween debacle with things that were supposed to go on her head I kept thinking how happy I was that she won't have to wear real winter gear.

    Oh, and maybe double sided tape?  More discreet than duct tape Stick out tongue

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  • Velcro!  Put the "soft" velcro side on the inside of their coat cuffs, and the "rough" velcro on the outside of the mittens - you can velcro them to the coat.  Then, when you don't need the mittens, the soft velcro won't scratch their wrist.
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  • imageEmpireMomof3:

    Duct tape shall work fine as long as the color matches the gloves/hat. Wink


    Maybe make it a game with the mittens. As for hats - we always use distraction. I allow her something to hold or look at while I put the hat on then quickly talk to her about whatever it is she has in her hands. Usually works for awhile.  

    haha, yes!Yes

    I can't for the life of me get DS to wear mittens so I have no advice there. With hats, I agree with Empire. I try to give him something to hold and distract him while I put his hat on. He's gotten a lot better with them.
    Also, some hats have straps so it's harder for them to pull off. Those seem to work pretty well with him.

  • Hats for us must have velco straps to keep them on, or it is a no go.

    I haven't tried the mittens yet...I don't see that going well either. We do have clips for the gloves, so at least we won't lose them when she rips them off.

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  • Duct tape is ALWAYS a solution.
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  • We had this same problems, starting with shoes..then hats..then mittens. We made a ritual out of each where we talk about putting them on, do it in the same way and I make a big deal of putting on my boots, mittens, or hat. I then show her my mittens when we are out and point out that we both have our mittens on. She now gets her shoes and sits on the steps to go outside, tries on all the hats when we are in a store, keeps hers on, andasksto wear her mittens everywhere. it has worked really well.

    I should give credit to her school..they first started the shoes routine and sang songs and made a big deal of all the kids putting on their shoes. We followed suit at home. She is in a Montessori school and the concepts of learning have been very helpful at home. 

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