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OBGYN - Philly or Delco?

I live in Havertown and work in Center City. I currently go to PennCare for Women at the Curtis Center and plan to deliver at Pennsylvania Hospital. (I have not yet had my first prenatal appointment.) I'm starting to wonder whether I should consider going to Lakenau or Delaware County Memorial Hospital. I would really appreciate any thoughts or experiences at any of these hospitals. Thanks!

Re: OBGYN - Philly or Delco?

  • This is just one person's opinion, but if I had it to do over again, I would have chosen Lankenau.  It really depends on what you want in a hospital, though.  I delivered at HUP, and I received great medical care.  But the big Philadelphia hospitals are not as comfortable as I have heard Lankenau is.  That was not important to me before I delivered my first child, but now that I have been through it, it is one of the most important criteria for me in choosing a hospital.  For example, I had a very difficult and painful delivery and had to recover in a shared room with a roommate who was really loud and kept me up all night.  Also, none of the doctors at my practice delivered my baby, and I have heard that the same may be true at Pennsylvania Hospital (a co-worker delivered there and did not get her own doctor - she delivered her second at Lankenau).  To the contrary, I hear that Lankenau has starbucks coffee, steak dinners for new parents, and all private rooms....

    I live in NJ now, but work in Philly.  I will be delivering at a more family friendly hospital in NJ this time around.  

  • my mom delivered my sis at penn 14 years ago; i was 16 and i don't remember my mom having an issues with them. her room was really nice and spacious and everyone was nice, friendly, and accommodating.

    i will be having our baby at DCMH because my sis' pediatrician is there and my doctors are based there. i have had nothing but great experiences so i figured their OB department would be the same.

    also the parking @ penn is RIDICULOUS!! 

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  • I'm working with the Midwives of Delco and I will be delivering at DCMH. DCMH is a wonderful place to deliver from what I hear. I hope they are right.
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  • Great post! Currently I plan to delivery at HUP, I see the OB at 3701. Althougth Penn OB are great; I have heard they dont have private rooms and as a FTM I may want to be alone with baby and Hubby. Parking at Penn is Ridiculous but it is one of the best teaching hospitals. DC hospitals are nice especially Lankenau.
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  • I am delivering at dcmh as I did with my first, it was good, all private rooms.  The L&D nurses are amazing!  

    I was seriously considering switching drs so I could deliver at lankenau because it is just beautiful and comfortable (3 friends delivered there within the last 3 years).  My bff delivered her first at Penn and immediateley after delivery switched to a dr that delivered at Lankenau.  She was lucky to get a private room, but parking was out of control.

    If it were me, I would pick Lankenau, just more convenient.

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  • Thank you for the helpful posts. I have my first prenatal visit at PennCare for Women tomorrow but am leaning toward switching to a doctor at Lakenau based on your feedback and my research.
  • I delivered at Lankenau and do not have enough nice things to say!  I see Dr Heinzel and Dr Laveran at lawrence Park OBGYN- both are amazing!  I also spent 26 days in antepartum on bedrest at Lankenau and then 5 nights post c-sect, plus my son spent 74 days in Lankenau NICU.  The hospital is really amazing and I highly recommend it.  It is all private rooms and you get to pick menu- they will give you a sheet for your meals and you can check off what you want or write things in!  The nurses are amazing.
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  • I also live in Havertown and delivered at bryn mawr, and loved it!  Is there a reason you are not considering bryn mawr?  I got ot main line womens health in rosemont, they deliver at bryn mawr.  They have like 5-10 private rooms and once all 20 something rooms have a person then they start to double up.  My bestie delivered at Lankenau and loved it as well!



  • another thought....DCMH, Lankenau and Bryn Mawr are close to home so if daddy needs to run home and grab something forgotten he can get back to you and the baby real quick!



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