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East Coast Mamas, everyone okay?

I hope all of our East Coast Mamas came through the storm okay with a minimum of damage! Check in and let us know how you're doing!


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Re: East Coast Mamas, everyone okay?

  • No physical damage to our house, but we have been without power since Sunday around 5pm- so all of our refrigerated food is now in the garbage :( ... we don't have an ETA for power, so I'm not sure how much longer we can stay at home (it's getting pretty cold).
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  • We got lucky and didn't seem to get the worst of the storm (I'm a little west of Baltimore). A couple family members lost power - some are back up now, some not yet. Overall, I don't think it was too bad in my area, thankfully. Even my sister in Queens was fine, though she can't get to work because of transit shut downs.

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  • Present!! We made it through somehow with power. I called the power company yesterday to report a huge tree limb laying on a line in the backyard. The rep told me she saw 570 people without power in my neighborhood and was stunned I had power. I am just horrified at some of the sights. This kind of thing doesn't happen around here! NJ shore towns are devastated. DS asked why the boardwalk was 'broken' and felt sad for the boardwalk.
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  • A lot of trees are down, but no damage. It wasn't nearly as bad here as the news was making it out to be. I hope everyone in the hard hit areas are OK.
  • We were very lucky.  We're in South Jersey near Philadelphia and just had rain and wind.  No flooding and never lost power.  Really by us the storm was not too bad but it was just luck based on where the storm made landfall.  Hope all the other mommies are good.
  • Well... we got water in our basement. This isn't the first time this happen. Last year with Tropical Storm Lee we had water come in for the first time. We ripped the carpet out and my DH is getting ready to put Tile down... So much less stressful. The electric stayed on, but our neighbor had a tree fall on their home. :(  The wind was very scary. I live on a wooded lot and it scared the crap out of me, but we were fine. 
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  • It was rough but we are inland so it could have been worse. We watched a tree fall and hit our neighbors garage that was scary. We were without power for 30 hours and happy to have it back. We lost part of our fence but no water in our basement this time thankfully. 

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  • We had no damage but some places in our neighborhood had down trees and wires as you get closer to the beach. Our power came back on this morning after being out since 7:45pm on Monday. I was so happy I wanted to cry.

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  • Finally got power back late last night and Internet and cable came back this morning. Thank god for our generator and enough gas to power it and our gas stove. We weathered the storm well. And had no damage to our house
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