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Is anyone else planning on using

I like it because it doesn't limit people to one store - I've found things I like at Target, BBB, and BRU not to mention online vendors like Amazon have a lot of it cheaper than they do in stores!!!

FYI - I am not using the cash gift option on the site - our relatives are not out of town and I don't think it's appropriate in our situation.

I am only concerned that some people won't like that option - - - so I've also registered old-fashion style at BRU and Target... but I feel like the items on there are limited...

Anyone get feedback from family on whether or not they liked

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  • We used it for our wedding in 2009, and it was pretty terrible.  I think the site is supposed to be improved since then, but almost everyone who used it had issues, and we ended up with duplicates, and mostly just people giving up on using it.

    I've been comparison shopping Amazon and Buy Buy Baby all morning, and was surprised to find that sometimes, BBB is beating Amazon's prices, especially when they are using an outside vendor.  Please check most items before adding them to a registry, because you would be surprised at the price differences.  For instance, the tub I was looking at was $50 on Amazon, and $25 at BBB.  That's a big difference!  If someone shopping your registry can get a tub for $25, they're more likely to throw in some accessories too.  Not so much if they are shelling out $50... 

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  • We used for our wedding and now for our baby shower and we love it! The sync registries feature is so convenient and prevents you from having to check back on every registry individually. Love that you can manually add gifts too. Our friends and family never seemed to have an issue. Sorry to hear you didn't have the best experience! Did you ever contact their customer service team with questions? They've been so helpful when I've spoken to them.
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