Newborns can't "fake" the signs of hunger, right? — The Bump

Newborns can't "fake" the signs of hunger, right?

I ask mostly jokingly, but man. We must be in the middle of the 3 week growth spurt because DS is eating non stop

Is there any hope for a break soon? How long do these spurts typically last?
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Re: Newborns can't "fake" the signs of hunger, right?

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    I don't have answers for you but I've wondered the same thing about faking it!
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  • On someone's post yesterday I mentioned that most Mom's say between 2-3 weeks is the roughest week. Trust me it will get better, I promise! 
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    They might want to suck for comfort, but that's also good for your supply.nbsp; I remember nights that I simply couldn't take sitting there with DD latched to me anymore.nbsp; I get up and take a quick shower or step outside for fresh air while DH tried to comfort her in his own way. Once I cleared my head, I was good to settle in again.

    Yup, we have totally done this. DH also knows to get his rear home as early as possible to save my sanity.

    Hopefully the end is near, but I am so thankful we worked out our latch issues before now. Whew!
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  • I agree that the first several weeks are the hardest, they can suck for comfort or hunger and we never really know how much they're drinking this early in the game. You will catch a break soon enough. Hang in there.
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  • I swear, they can lol.  DD (5 wks) fakes me out at least once a day.  She's not doing it deliberately--I think she's just playing with learning how to use her mouth and lips and tongue and it looks like hunger cues.  She even does it while sleeping.  I'm learning to know it's not real because it's not progressive--she stops and starts instead of continuing.

    Her 3 week spurt lasted a few days and then we were back on a more reasonable track :) 

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