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seriously, when does the bleeding stop? (maybe tmi for some)

i had my miscarriage last thursday and i'm still bleeding. i'm getting kind of annoyed at this point, having a reminder of miscarrying every time i pee. did any of you ladies miscarry and then take medication to promote contractions in order to make sure all of the tissue is released? (no d&c) if so, when did you stop bleeding? thanks bunches!
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Re: seriously, when does the bleeding stop? (maybe tmi for some)

  • I took the medication to mc at home. 5 days later I was admitted to the hospital and had an emergnecy D&C because the medication didnt work and I was hemoraging. Its been a week since Ive had the D&C, and 2 1/2 weeks since the whole process began and Im still having to wear panty liners. My flow is light but Im also sick of the reminder. I ready for that part to be over already, this reminder of the pain of loosing my baby is a bunch of BS!
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  • Mine seemed to be tappering off the second day after my d&c but then all of a sudden it's turned bright red and I'm bleeding more. I actually have crazy localized pain only on the right side of where my uterus it. I ended up having to go back to the doc today because he thought I either might be getting an infection or they might not have cleared out my uterus all the way. So now I have to go for more blood tests and an ultrasound tomorrow morning. I really hope it's neither, but I agree it's getting annoying. I just want it to stop so I can move on and not freak every time I pee. =S
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  • I've been thinking the exact same thing! I took cytotec on Friday and it tapered off on Sunday but after my acupuncture the cramps and bleeding have come back which I'm glad bc I didn't think it was all out and I have one more week until the follow up appt. I'm just ready for this to be over like you guys. It's a horrible reminder of having blood every time you go to the bathroom and still sleeping on a towel for a just in case moment :( 

  • I began a natural miscarriage with spotting last Monday night and heavy bleeding Tuesday, and it has just now tapered off to light spotting.

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  • i had a d&c so not exactly the same but i am in the same boat because i feel like crying every time i go pee.  It's been 2 1/2 weeks since the bleeding started and 2 weeks since the d&c...i'm ready to just stop bleeding or at least get my period and have it be normal bleeding because this is much different and it just sucks


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