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Help! How do I get my EFB baby to take a bottle?

My DD is 6.5 weeks old.  At 4 weeks we introduced a bottle and she took it great.  Since then we have given her about 3 bottles per week with no trouble.  Yesterday and today she screamed instantly when we treied to give it to her and doesn't stop until I offer her the breast.  I have to go back to work in 3.5 weeks so I'm starting to panic a little on how it is all going to work out.

Re: Help! How do I get my EFB baby to take a bottle?

  • Who is "we"? DS wouldn't take a bottle from me until recently and wouldn't take one if he knew I was nearby. So maybe leave around bottle time an have your H or parent give it. Don't wait until baby is starving but at the "early hunger" stage.
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  • I said we meaning that my husband and I are trying to figure this out, but my husband is the one that gives it to her.  My mom has given her a couple as well.  My pedi said to have someone else give it so I haven't even tried yet.  Today I fed her for a few minutes first so that she wasn't quite so hungry then tried it, but that didn't work either.
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  • I just wanted to say that this happened to us to right before I went back to work at 4 months.  DD had taken bottles fine but I swear she knew I was going back and was testing us.  It did help to warm them, for DH to offer them, and for me to be out of the house (not always possible I realize), and after a few days of protest it was fine again.  You might have luck with a different bottle or even open cup which I realize can also be a pain.

    FWIW my LC at the time said to avoid offering breast if she refuses bottle and instead just try to pacify her other ways and wait 30 mins or something if you can and then nurse.

  • We had this problem too. He would take a bottle just fine at 4 weeks. Then a few weeks later, he refused. I tried different bottles and found one that he liked better. I'm a SAHM and EBF, but I do take a bottle with to places when he is in the nursery for a few hours without me, like church and so forth. Or if I'm gone for the night and my hubby needs to feed him.

    So maybe a different bottle? Maybe this is common sense, but I didn't think of it until we had this issue. Make sure the nipple of the bottle is as close to your anatomy as possible. Once I found a bottle like that, we were good!

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  • Thanks for the suggestions!  I am thinking I will give the current bottles a few more days, then maybe try something else.  She slept really well last night and seems happier today to maybe we will have a little more luck.  Right now we are using the Medela bottles an nipples that were included with the breastfeeding starter kit.

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