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CPW - fingernails

I'm so bored, guys. Waiting for people to call into the meeting, so humor me.[Poll]
Pass the sheet cake.


Re: CPW - fingernails

  • I just looked at mine and thought "what the heck? when did this happen?"

    ::goes off in search of a file::


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  • I haven't had them done since my wedding. I hate having the paint chipping off. Pedicures are a different story.

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  • They're painted like candy corn.
    Yellow, orange and white stripes.
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  • I only painted them to go with my halloween costume, otherwise they probably would just be natural.  I have on bright yellow with black crackle for my Queen Bee costume.
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  • I used to bite my nails something awful. Then during pregnancy they got so strong, and I was able to grow them out, kept 'em manicured and beautiful. Chewed them all down a week after birth. Grew them back out.

    Last week, started chomping on them again. Bleah. Will be trying to grow them out in time for christmas/new years manicures. (Red and gold! Black and silver!)

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