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Almost sick anxious about A/S tomorrow

I kept myself up most of the night last night with absolutely off the wall ridiculous dreams. In one I dreamt that they discovered quadruplets during the ultrasound, in one they couldn't tell if it was a boy or girl because it had arms where legs should be and legs where the arms should be and they were all covering up the genitals. Hearing all of your positive stories has really helped keep me in check though! I can't imagine what my dreams would have been like without hearing good stories!

Re: Almost sick anxious about A/S tomorrow

  • Crazy dreams are totally normal and part of the deal here. I am sure everything will be just fine and arms will be arms and legs will be legs. 

    I had a dream that my baby came out super small and hard like a plastic doll and sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger and they said he took too much steroids. Pretty sure that's not going to happen. ; )

  • My a/s is tomorrow too! Try to relax and not worry too much (I know, easier said than done). I actually felt really sick today (tummy issues?), and it kept me from even THINKING about the a/s so in a way, it was a blessing.

    Keep us posted tomorrow! :)

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  • Try to keep yourself busy so you don't think about it too much.  I'm sure everything will be fine!!!   I am always nervous before any u/s and appointment and I'm on my third, so it's totally normal.

    Try to stay positive and I hope you have a great experience and enjoy seeing your LO!!

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  • My a/s is tomorrow and I've been the same way. I've given myself a cold sore from stress and I can't sleep well at night. I keep having crazy dreams and I wake up an feel like I never slept at all! Last night I dreamed that we kept missing the appointment!
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  • Weird dreams are totally normal.  Yours actually sound a little tamer than mine!  I've already dreamed that I gave birth to our baby in the toilet and wasn't sure if it was even breathing (I'll spare you all the morbid details).  I've also dreamed that our baby looked like a rodent, with little claws for fingers, a pointy face with whiskers, and even a TAIL.  WTF?!

    We saw baby at the A/S on Monday and she's perfectly fine, and looks nothing like a rodent.  I get that you're anxious now, but as soon as you've gone in for your u/s tomorrow, (I hope) you'll be laughing at your crazy dreams!  Good luck.

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