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Baby Showers/Registries

Well, aren't I just full of topics of conversation today.

Does anyone have showers planned/scheduled?

Where did you register?  (most curious about the Canadian answers, as our options are not as good as the US)

Anyone else have any shower/registry questions they want to ask....

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Re: Baby Showers/Registries

  • I have one shower scheduled in the US in early December thrown by my SIL and other ILs.  I also have one closer to home in late January thrown by my step-MIL. 

    In the US I registered at BRU because the BRU in Canada told me I could do returns in Canada if need be.  Plus, I thought it'd be easy to register for the same items from BRU is Canada; I was wrong.  So far, I've set-up test registries at BRU, Snugglebugz and Sears to see which store I can come up with the most worth while registry for, as I don't want to have multiple Canadian registries.


    *** DS born February 21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada  ***
  • Nothing scheduled yet but I've had 3 different folks talk to me about throwing showers so people are definitely thinking about it.  I've also had people ask me what they can get the baby for Christmas which I think is kind of silly since LO will hopefully stay tucked snugly inside for a few more  months after the holidays!    

    One of my sisters has a very limited time off schedule due to her Residency so we know that she will be a part of one shower in January when she's between rotations.  I HATE being anywhere near the mall during the Holiday rush so we registered last week.  We figured if we did it now, we may have to watch it to be sure items didn't get discontinued but it also gave us time to have some more seasoned parents give us their thoughts on what we've got on there and check out reviews on products we weren't experienced with.   My other sister pointed out some stuff we hadn't thought to put on there like some laundry bags meant for bras and delicates that we can use for baby's socks so that they don't get sucked out of our washing machine (or get eaten by our dog!) and an extra waterproof crib mattress pad for instance.  

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  • My mom and sister are throwing me a shower in early January as I am going to be there for Christmas. I have set up an online registry with as it would be very difficult for us to take everything home with us on the airplane. I have really enjoyed it so far because I can compare prices and post things from a bunch of different stores. I am also from Canada so I understand how our items can be limited compared to those in the US, this has really allowed me to post most items without being limited to what one store has. 

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  • FYI - for Canadians....  the snugglebugz registery is probably my fav at this point.  Largely because it lets me put in comments.  Like the play gym I wanted is $100 at their store, but on sale for $54 on so I put that comment in for folks, in hopes of helping everyone save money.
    *** DS born February 21, 2013 - Toronto, Canada  ***
  • We won't have shower until baby is here. It will be more of a "meet our kiddo" afternoon.  We are not going to register, either.  If people would like to give gifts, that is wonderful and appreciated, but we are not expecting it. 
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