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Do dad's care if baby gear looks feminine?

How important is it to you to have baby gear that is more masculine looking? As I search for baby gear, it all seems to use feminine colors and floral patterns. Would you purchase additional gear that is designed more towards the male taste?  For example, would you buy an extra baby carrier that is more masculine looking in order to not have to carry your wife's feminine carrier?

Re: Do dad's care if baby gear looks feminine?

  • since we knew I was going to be a SAHD when we were shopping for all of it, I got a lot more input in the purchases.  We have separate diaper bags, and I made sure mine was not pink, girly, or designer - partially because I want to use this for all of our future kids, so didn't want a gender specific item, but also wanted one to fit me.  The jogging stroller was chosen for features that would benefit my running, so didn't really care about colors or appearance, even though it is also neutral.

    I don't think the items necessarily look masculine, but they aren't feminine either.  I should also mention we didn't get a whole lot of items for L... I figured I would just carry her myself, so I don't have a carrier or anything like that.  When we go anywhere during the day, it's the diaper bag and the stroller, and that's it.

    there are two motivations in sports, which is yours?
  • What's wrong with gender neutral, green or black baby carriers?
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
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  • I bought a pink polka dot Minnie Mouse diaper bag for my LO and my FI doesn't mind at all.
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  • i feel like the colors are not to be based around the parents, i think they should be based on the gender of the besides its not like we should be trying to impress anyone other then our significant also if you feel it takes away ur masculinity then you might just have bigger issues lol
  • We knew we were going to try for more than 1, so the bulk of our gear is aimed to be more gender neutral so it can work for boy or girl.


    I did get my own diaper bag mostly because I wanted a different type than hers (the one she picked was enormous).

  • We got our car seat for the boy from my in laws (neice), and it had a little pink in it.  Now that winter is coming we have a cover that hides the pink so I was fine with that. We also got a neutral colored pad that covers the original padding, so that is fine with me.

    I was not fine with it if it would have remained pink....


  • We went neutral with most things since this is our first and we want more kids in the future. I like the neutral stuff more than the gender specific items anyway. Browns and Grays just look cooler to me anyway....especially in our house now.
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  • My DH doesn't care at all what I pick out or what he ends up carrying. But, we were given a baby blue diaper bag as a gift and I think it works for either of us. It's cute for me and lets everyone know he is carrying a baby boy around lol. I also have a huge purse my mother bought me a few years ago I never carried that I may try to use too.
  • Personally, unless its outladishly feminine, I dont really care.  Im not a materialistic guy and i honestly dont care what others feel about what kind of diaper bag ive got around my shoulder.  For me, i know that my Wife loves that stuff, so I will let her get whatever her little heart desires.  She's going to get the best of the best for the baby, and that's good enough for me, be it pink, blue, yellow or clear.  

     Now... fast forward a couple years and that will change...  I'd prefer my young child to have gender-centric or gender-neutral gear.   Not because I think my child wil be influenced by wearing Pink as a boy, directly; but i know its a cruel world out there and removing such a simple value out of an equation is just good business.  

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  • No, it never minds me because I consider little one as baby for me whether it is baby boy or baby girl.
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