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We're gonna be parents!

Hi my name's John. My girlfriend just found out she's pregnant and we're pretty excited. We weren't exactly trying but the surprise is totally welcome, we'd been talking about having a baby for about a year now. She's due June 12th, so she's 8 weeks right now, and we just had a doctor's appointment and we heard the heartbeat, it was weird and cool. I have a 7 year old brother who lives with us and I was looking for development stages I could show him so he kind of understands what's going on, and I saw a dads board so I thought I'd join. We're gonna tell him after 14 weeks.

Here's to hoping I won't screw it all up! 


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  • Well we have the same dad, and he's been in jail since my brother was 2 years old. He was taken from his mother's home by CPS and when they called looking for family members to take him in we stood up. He's been with us for about 2 years and he's pretty well adjusted. We totally did not know what we were signing up for when we got him, but honestly I am so glad we did.

  • Congrats!  We are about a month ahead of you.

    As mentioned above, this board tends to be hot and cold (mostly cold), but at least a couple of us are generally lurking so don't hesitate ask a question or post exciting news.  Someone will respond.

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  • Welcome, congrats and bravo for stepping up for your half brother!
  • It's tough but we've been doing it for two years and it's just how our life is now. We're excited to add a baby to the mix... I honestly just hope that my brother takes it well. He has tantrums when things he's not ready for come up. We're hoping he'll see it as a good thing and get excited.
  • I would make sure that you bring your brother into the mix and maybe take him to see the ultrasounds.


    My wife's sister was an oops and is only 10 years old.  Our son is 17 months old and she gets jealous at times because she is not always the center of attention.


    Just make sure that you still have brother time on a regular basis and it should be fine.

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  • Congratulations to both of you and that's so cool that you stepped up for your brother
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  • First of all congratulations to both of you! You are seems to be very responsible person and to be responsible and ideal dad like as you are handling your little bro in absence of your dad.
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