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Hurricane Sandy

Just wanted to send my condolences to anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy.  I live in NJ but I was one of the lucky ones that didnt lose power and I have no water damage.  My heart breaks for anyone who has lost a loved one during this time.  I hope those without power get power back soon. 
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Re: Hurricane Sandy

  • I'm logging in from my MIL's house.  We lost all power and water at our apartment.  Had my first shower today, it was amazing!  Our entire neighborhood became a river the other night.  Luckily for us our apartment building was only flooded in the basement.  We are all safe and OK.  Just wishing we could get back to normal. Can't believe I actually miss work!
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  • I live in Hoboken in a no flood zone and we got 5 ft of water in our parking lot and 3 in our building. It wasn't from the rain but the hudson river and I live  a mile off the river. lost our car. no power. but we found out we have some really great neighbors.

    We are safe and that is all that matters. I know there are ladies on here from south jersey. Feel bad for them.

    What sucks... my A/S is scheduled for Monday. Hoping I will be able to go, it is something fun to look forward to. 

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