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Just found the sources of my "phantom cries"

I swear that I hear Allison crying on days I work from home, even though I dropped her off at daycare hours ago...well, I just realized that my cat "talks" in her sleep and it sounds exactly like Allison's wake up cry!

Damn cat made me think I was losing what was left of my sanity!

Now she is "helping" me work...

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Re: Just found the sources of my "phantom cries"

  • That is so funny!

    I thought I was going crazy one day because I thought I kept hearing Asher crying but he was at my MIL's house. Turns out it was my neighbor's baby! We had babies like a month apart and I could hear her little one crying. I really thought I was losing my mind!

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  • We have cat who makes sounds JUST like a baby. I always have to listen extra carefully to make sure it was the baby crying and not the cat.
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