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February 2012 Moms

CPW: How old were you when you stopped T o T?

This is my first CP, I hope it works![Poll]
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Re: CPW: How old were you when you stopped T o T?

  • I quit my first job at a pizza place when I was 14 because they wouldn't give me Halloween off. They begged me to stay and work that night. (I gave my 2 weeks so that I would finish the day before.) Obviously I trick or treated.
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  • I voted SS only because I can't remember.
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  • I was 15 or 16.
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  • we definitely went out in gr 10 - one of my friends had an exchange student from Germany, and since they don't really celebrate Halloween in Germany, we clearly had to take her out!! If anyone questioned a bunch of 15 yr olds about it, we just explained and they gave our friend extra candy :)
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