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when can dr see something on u/s?

I had a ectopic rupture in aug and lost a tube and ovary so dr is watching betas till they are high enough to make sure they see the sac in my uterus. But my question is what does my hcg have to be to see something? I went mon and it was 114.9  went today and it was 290. So it doubled in the 48hrs like its supposed to which is a good sign. But im not gonna be able to relax a little till i get the u/s!!! How early did u ladies get an u/s???

Re: when can dr see something on u/s?

  • i've heard people see baby and sac as early as 6 weeks. i've seen mixed around 5 weeks.. either they see a sac, no baby, or sometimes a little blip of a baby. I went in at 7.5 weeks and definitely saw baby with heartbeat. good luck and be patient!
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  • Thanks! Im trying to be patient! Im just nervous cuz i only have one tube and ovary now so if it would happen again, i could lose the other side too! I know the chances of that happening again are ridiculous but i will still worry till i know im in the clear! Last time i knew something was wrong and i was spotting! I actually "feel pregnant" this time!!!! So I will just try and relax knowing my betas are looking good! I will update when i find out when i can have an u/s!!
  • Check out this website:



    ETA: Just for quick info though, they will see something about at 4-5 weeks but it will just be the gestational sac.

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  • My first u/s was at 6 weeks because my OB thought I was 8 weeks.  DD looked like a pinto bean with a heartbeat, but the heartbeat was the important part. :)
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  • Thanks ladies!! I can't wait to see something! Even if its tiny and looks like rice or a little bean :)  I am just 4wks 2days so i assume they will wait till atleast the end of next week.
  • i totally understand! I think i'm about 7 weeks but we were trying for awhile and I'm so anxious to see the baby. I was supposed to have my u/s today but doctor cancelled, so anxiously waiting for tomorrow!
  • My RE dosn't do u.s until betas are over 1,000 or you are 5 1/2 wks



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  • Thank you! This was an amazing website!
  • My doc saw a sac and fetal pole at 5w1d - she wasn't able to measure and confirm dates and size until 2 weeks later (7w1d) and again at 3 weeks after that (10w1d). 
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  • I think the magic number is over 5k, but it also has to go with you weeks.
  • Don't quote me, but I think that I remember my nurse (after my IVF cycle years ago) telling me that once a beta hits 5,000 that they expect to see at least a sac on u/s.

    I have had two early ultrasounds (in the 5.5 week range) and could see a gestational sac and yolk sac.  I could see heartbeats after 6 weeks.

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  • they doc office had me come in for an early ultrasound because i had cramping. they measured the sac at exactly 5 weeks. not sure if u can see it before. but there was no baby yet to see just the sac. I went back this monday and we saw the tiny little fetus and heartbeat. i was just an anxious as you. Im still very anxious for my next appointment in 4 weeks.

    Good luck and Congrats!!!


  • With DD we saw the heart beating at 5w4d (and we do IVF so that was 5w4d and like 3 hours, no questions about exactly when conception occurred).  With DS at 5w5d we still only saw the basically empty gestational sac. We saw his heartbeat at 6w1d.
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  • Between 5-6 weeks I think they should see a sac, but right around 6, you usually can see a tiny little something with a heatbeat. It all happens verr fast. When I was between 4-5 weeks, there was nothing on the u/s...I am being monitored by RE as well, so they will check often! GL!

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