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We all cried...

I've gotten a couple pm's from Mom's about a post I wrote when I first started breastfeeding. If there's any new Mom's out there, I just wanted to say, that we all cried about breast feeding. We all felt like we had a child hanging off of us non-stop, some of us had crazy nipple pain, we all have babies that cry and cry and nurse and nurse. We all had a complication: under supply, over supply, tongue tie, flat nipples, c-section, induction, etc. Some of us had all of the complications.  It made lots of us feel like quitting. It's normal :)

And I promise it does get better. :) That's why we're all still doing it!

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Re: We all cried...

  • The first month I probably cried every day!! I cried from the pain, the exhaustion and the overwhelming responsibility. I kept bawling, "I could handle it if it was so painfullllllll"

    And we are still hanging in there :) ((hugs)) to the new mommas, you can do it!

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  • Amen to that! And, I am sure we will cry when it's over, too. But I don't even want to think about that yet!!
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  • Agreed! It took until 2 months for me to be 100% great with it and about 3 weeks to be in noticeably less pain and aggravation. It is worth it. 
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  • Thanks for this !
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  • I love this post--thanks for being so real! It's true, right now I almost want to quit daily but I notice I feel that less and less---I do feel like DD always wants to nurse but then again she DID sleep 5 hrs straight last night ;)
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  • So true! 

    I will add for the FTMs out there, it will likely be easier with your next LO!  

    I cried daily for the first month with DD1 and due to some of our early BF struggles, dealt with under supply for the whole 14 months that she nursed. 

    With DD2 we are benefitting from all of those lessons- there have been no tears related to BF, milk came in sooner, she latched well from the start and my supply is great! 

  • This is a great post!

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  • I really needed to read this. My lo is 6 days old and we are struggling. It took 17 weeks of EPing with my first before we got it. I really thought the 2nd time would be a piece of cake, but its not. Sometimes i think maybe ill just EP this one too, because today thats easier. But i know that in the long run, like when i actually want to leave my house, that BFing will be ideal. This should be so natural...why isnt it?!
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