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I've been back at work for about a week now. LO is at daycare for about 7-7.5 hours a day.  I would nurse her right before drop off and she'd eat 2 bottles that were 3 oz each and when I got home she would eat immediately again.  Sitter called and said that she burned through the 6 ounces by noon today (luckily I had given her a few extras for her freezer).

I'm happy she's eating more since she's just a little peanut but I can't seem to pump enough for her!  I only get 3 oz total from both breasts when I pump.  I try pumping three times at work but due to my schedule, it sometimes gets down to twice.  I feel like 3 ounces is a ridiculously small amount.  

Anyone have a start like this when they went back to work?  What did you do to help increase the supply?  LO didn't seem to have any problem when we were EBF on maternity leave.

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  • It take a bit to figure out pumping. It may seem weird, but the only way I can keep up with needs (and production is actually dropping lately) is to pump on my commute. I have a car adapter and I pump in the car to and from work- those extra sessions are totally critical for me and you might want to consider it for yourself.

  • It takes time for you and your LO to adjust to the new schedule and DC environment. Also sounds like your LO might be having a pre-3 month growth spurt and needs 4 oz per bottle...just to be safe.

    Have you considered power pumping to see if that will give your supply a boost?

    I also pump in the car with my adapter.. I usually do it when I am coming home late from class (getting my Masters and have evening classes) and might not get to feed DS when I get home. Driving is wasted time honestly so pumping in the car means I can do other things once I get home (e.g. play with DS or do chores) and let my body know that more milk is needed.

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  • I started power pumping once a nght for about 2 weeks, which helped. I also use a video of LO laughing and talking (crying can sometimes make it harder to get let down because you can't comfort them) and look through pics on my phone. And I've added a pumping session most mornings while DS is asleep still. Seems to be working! I pumped after nursing this morning and still got another 6 oz!
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  • I also suggest using your commuting time. It seems to me like the best time since LO is occupied (or strapped in at least, mine often falls asleep in the car) and sometimes it's hard to get the time in at work
  • I would strongly encourage you to find time to pump 3x per day. It's tough but that's the only way I can keep up. Every few weeks I have to do 4x per day for a few days to get, and keep, my supply up. My DD takes 12 to 15oz over 8 hours. I generally get 5oz my first pump, 4oz, then 3oz, for a total of 12oz. That's also how I send her bottles. I have to pump while nursing in the am to get the extra 3oz for just in case.

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