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muscle spasms...?

In the middle of the night last night and this morning I've been getting these muscle spasms around near my belly button. Maybe a little above my belly button. Sometimes it's right under my rib cage, other times it's lower. Anybody else experiencing this??
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Re: muscle spasms...?

  • Someone else posted about this almost exactly last week. If it wasn't you then it seems like other people have had it too! haha.  I have had it happen a couple times.
  • Yes! i had them & still are having them up to now. Im thinking its gas pains but i havent asked the doctors. I mostly get it at night anytime after 12am.
    Happy to be a mom :)
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  • Yes! I'm only almost 16 weeks though, and I've gotten it twice. Its not gas for me. Doesn't feel like a rumble. It's a definite spasm near BButton. Feels like a quick, electric rubber band going doyoyoing. Haha!
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