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sweating - TMI alert

so since I have gotten prego (maybe it is the weight gain), i have been noticing that i am sweating between my legs, along the edges of my panties.

i have never had this problem before. i was thinking about just using baby powder. does anyone suggestions or ideas as to why this happens? 

Re: sweating - TMI alert

  • I am no help, but I will sympathize with your swamp ass.
    It's a girl!
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  • My DD was born in Aug and I clearly remember the crotch sweat. Gross! I think baby powder would be fine.

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  • thanks ladies! swamp ass is NOOOO fun!
  • If it makes you feel any better, yesterday we had trick or treating in my town (we have it for 2 nights). I raced home after work to put our pumpkins outside and some glass lanterns that we keep in to keep safe.

    Maybe 30 minutes of non-strenuous work.

    I had to change my pants. It was like my butt had gone swimming.

    It's a girl!
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  • I feel your pain. Since getting prego I'm sweatier than a sumo wrestler in a sauna. I'd recommend 100 percent Cotton undies and no thin pants! Hopefully most of your maternity shirts cover that area so people noticing youve got crotch sweat through your pants shouldnt be as much of a danger. I guess baby powder is ok... Haven't tried any powder products because it hasnt been really bad down there for me, but that seems safe.

    Aren't you glad we'll be pregnant during the winter!!
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  • I'm such a sweaty mess these days! A couple of weeks ago, Dh and I went to his parents house and stood outside for about 20 mins. I decided to wear a pair of very thin pants that I would usually wear hiking. BIG MISTAKE!!! I was sweating so bad that by the time we got back in the car I looked like I peed in my pants. My MIL started laughing & called me swamp ass. Then she said man does your twat sweat that bad!!! None of us could stop laughing!!!!
  • Glad I'm not alone in this... I've left swampass prints on the chair at work *insert super embarrassment here* I never had this problem before!!


    mc 5/3/2012, gone, but always in our hearts! <3

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  • I'm right there with you, and add some serious boob sweat too, ugh.

  • So that's what swampass is! I keep hearing the term. I'm actually freezing all of the time, so I guess that's better than sweaty. I'm sure I'll be getting to that stage soon!
  • I haven't had any issues with swamp ass yet (i get cold easily), but i've been having issues with my boobs geing overy sweaty.
    Alexander 03/13/2008 Jace 03/20/2013 

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